Saturday, February 11, 2012

Paladin: Dawn of The Dragon Slayer (2011) Movie 720p HD BRip 650MB MKV


Paladin: Dawn of The Dragon Slayer is a 2011 Action Movie.
Directed:....     Anne K.Black.
Produced:...     .Kyun Griffin, Justin Patridge,jennifer Kirkham .  
Writers:....      Anne K.Black,Kynan Griffn,And Justin Partridge.  
Cast:..... Richard McWilliams,Nicola Posener,Philip Brodie,Lan Cullen,Maggie Daniels,Michael O Flaherty,Anthony Murphy,Adam Johnson.  
Music Directed:....    Panu Aaltio .  
Cinematography:.....     Ty Anold.
Editing:.....    Kohl Glass. Sponsor
Country:....   USA . Moving Location:.... Ireland.
Release Date:.....     24/10/2011.


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